Not liking songs anymore

  • 11 April 2018
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So it’s not allowing me to like the songs. I’ve only liked 94 songs. I’ve tried unliking songs to see if it works, but still not working. My friends have said they don’t pay for the app and I should be still able to like songs? Can someone help me and tell me what’s going on

3 replies

Please help
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Hi there Angel,

Sorry about the troubles. It looks like you had run into a liking block, which has already been lifted by now. Please see here for more info about these blocks, and why SoundCloud felt it was necessary to put them into place:

All the best

Iv got the same problem right now , IVe ben liking a lot of song today To create a favorite list from wich i can remember To download some of them that are free download , but right now i canot like anymore song and i did not reçeive a warning from soundcloud. I would like To have some feedback on my problem if possible and id like To be able To continue my list as soon as possible. Thanks