playback randomly jumps tracks

  • 23 August 2017
  • 3 replies


I've been having this problem for the past month. I will be listening to my "Likes" list and after playing through a number of songs continuously it will randomly jump back to a random song. So for example, if I've been listening to tracks from 20 through 30, after it's done playing track 30 it will then jump back and play track 3 or track 6 or track 1.

This is really frustrating because since Sound Cloud has gotten rid of the very nice feature of being able to jump to your current track by clicking on the track name on the bottom toolbar, I now have to scroll through numerous pages to get back to where I left off. Then this whole thing will happen again...

P.S. this is not specifically a "playlist" problem, there just isn't another option in the "sub forum" menu.

3 replies

No one is having the same issue?

Does someone from the Sound Cloud tech support have any suggestions or input? It's getting pretty frustrating since I can't find the song that it randomly jumps to.
2 years old....anyone ever respond? I'm having the same issue...randomly jumps to a completely different artist with crap I have no interest in. My guess is so it bumps up the number of the plays. Just confirmation its a service I'll never recommend anyone spend any money on.
No response from anyone.

It hasn't happened in a long time but I haven't listened to my playlist continuously in a while either.

But every now and then it will go to a "related track" once it's done a song instead of continuing to the next song on my list.