Playlist image won't update

  • 25 September 2017
  • 7 replies

I've been trying to update the image on my playlist but the photo won't upload. I've tried using different browsers, clearing cache, and turning off all extensions, but I keep getting the same error. Anyone know how to fix this?

7 replies

This issue has been going on since Soundcloud started and seeing as it's still there I can surmise one of two things. Soundcloud don't give a rat's cck OR they no longer have a programming team capable of fixing something that every other decent social-media site in the world can offer. Either way, give it up and use Bandcamp instead. This is probably the most useful solution you'll ever have because all the old nonsense about caches, pixels, image size and browsers is utter bunkum.
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Hi there,

Hmm, I've just tried to reproduce this, however was able to replace the image properly. Can you provide details on your operating system, browser, and playlist if this issue persists?

How exactly does the error show?
Hi Mathis

Thanks for responding. I'm on Safari, El Capitan 10.11.6 and the playlist is this: . I don't own the music but that's never caused issues before (although I have had issues many times with SC images). The image shows on the preview briefly and then disappears back to one of the 'official' images on an individual track. The band know I'm doing this btw so it's not an issue. I have also tried via Chrome, same problem. Tried several different sizes etc etc
Same issue! 😞 Spent so long making custom covers and keep getting "Error saving. Please try again". Tried every trick I could find to fix it but nothing works.

@SoundCloud Community Support what's going on??
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Hi again,

pkrpmusic - I can see the artwork you've attached on your reply just fine when visiting your profile and go to playlists. Once you're on the playlist URL directly and press play, the artwork of the currently playling track will show. This is expected.

If the artwork shows briefly then switches without any action from your end, then this sounds like an odd caching issue. Have you tried the URL in an incognito window?

@HelloItsHayley - Can you elaborate on "every tricks I could find" please? For reference, please apply basic troubleshooting.

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P.S.: I let the relevant product team know about this for a review of this feature.
it works best on the latest chrome and not so much on other browsers if chrome dosent work then i don't know