Playlist not appearing on 2nd device?

  • 17 April 2019
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I created a playlist recently (in past month) & for 1st time since having a paid Soundcloud subscription for years, a created playlist hasn't synced to my account. It is only showing up on one device- the device I created it on. Usually, whatever I played recently is saved to each individual device- in other words my listening history is unique to each device, but that doesn't bother me because if I "liked" something or reposted it, that synced so I could essentially have the same experience and access to my discoveries & playlists on any device I signed into. I haven't been able to get access to this new playlist (which is kind of an ode to my new 1st niece, so wanted to share from my phone, not work phone that I started building it on one day on break) whem signed into my profile. I've never had to sign out & in if I created a playlist, it was accessible on any device, even if the order in which it appeared was different. (A setting I can customize which I appreciate).

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