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  • 7 February 2017
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Hi folks
We have been using SC for a long time and think it is great.
I have a problem though which I cant find any more info on. We record weekly movie podcasts and add to a playlist which we have embeded on our website (eg here, below the review - )
What I would like to do is have the profile name appear after the title of the podcast - so instead of "The Movie Podcast - #62 Loving, Rings, Gold reviewed", that it would appear "#62 Loving, Rings, Gold reviewed - The Movie Podcast".
I ask as on mobile, the title of each podcast is blocked by our profile name. If you have any ideas how to change please help!

2 replies

excellent thanks Mathis, Ill give that a go!
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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. Hmm, let's see - it isn't possible to switch Display name and track name in an embed, but you should be able to hide the Display name. As it will still be showing on top, listeners should still be able to understand these are all your own podcasts.

In order to do so, just change the parameter "show_user=true" to "show_user=false" in the embed code.

Hope this helps.