Playlist showing in Reverse Chronological Order ?

  • 9 March 2017
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We are trying to embed a playlist of clips of our morning show onto our website. This playlist is updated daily and has over 201 tracks currently. However, for some reason the playlist is showing in Reverse Chronological Order! Instead of showing the most recently uploaded track at the top, it shows the FIRST uploaded track (from 2 1/2 years ago).

This is one of the playlists in question

Is this normal? Shouldn't Soundcloud show the most recent track at the top?

9 replies

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Hi there Kirsten,

For playlists, this is normal - the tracks that you add at a later stage are added at the bottom of a playlist. It is currently not possible to change that behavior. However, you can change the order of the tracks in a playlist if you want to (which would take a minute if you wanted to do it with 201 tracks, admittedly).

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is it possible to request an enhancement for this feature to allow re-organizing of tracks in a playlist based on date added (at the top)
Rearranging the tracks only works for displaying a playlist on the SoundCloud website. Users also need to be able to rearrange tracks in embedded playlists (although an option to display with latest at the top in embedded playlists as requested by the OP would be preferable).
I am having the same issue. With several playlists and some of them quite large it is very tedious to go back after the fact and change the order every time a new track is added. Please add this to the backlog for the developers! I am adding new tracks every day so this is just going to become a bigger and bigger issue for me.
should be able to group batch and drag the songs to the desired location but song by song is the only way
The fact that all new songs go to the bottom of a playlist is way too frustrating. I have been asking them for years to update this to no avail......
Indeed, reverse chronological order of tracks is tremendously inconvinient. Please change or add a setting to make it go in the correct order!
Im having a similat issue but it goes to show that soundcloud is SERIOUSLY lacking in the playlist department, specifically, playlist editing deparment.

I usually like that my "liked tracks" playlist the most recent track added then continues on with 2nd then 3rd then 4th most recent. But I agree with all those who said there should be a setting, except it should not be a setting per se.
What we need is a filter and sort function for playlists, and for recommended play ques etc. There are sometimes when I want to go back to the beginning of my liked tracks and relive my entire soundcloud experience from beginning. But I cant.
Im a new soundcloud user, began june2018 and i am baffled by the fact that I can only sort a playlist manually. The main reason it baffles me, is because that's like a pretty basic feature of every other music player I've ever used online or offline software. Every other music service I've ever used you can sort by date added by genre by name alphabetically A to Z or Z to A, you can also filter by artist or album.
Now now as an engineer he's pretty familiar with some programming I know that digitally all this music is stored in a table and if SoundCloud displays the artist the genre and all that stuff and if you can look to see what date you added a song or if it's in that order then their table is already storing all that information anyways all they have to do is add the sort function I wouldn't think it would be all that difficult and I would think it would be a pretty high priority since it seems that a lot of people really need or want this come on Soundcloud let us sort our list.

And on a side note, come on SoundCloud when you give me my personal SoundCloud of the week based on listening history or you say artist you should know and you give me all these things I can click on and listen to why can't I add the entire list to my liked tracks I can I like the whole thing at once or send it straight to a playlist like you recommend it and then it's like even if I like the whole list and I have to sit there and like save them one at a time to make a playlist out of it or something come on
Yeah, I have the same problem