Playlist showing no more than 200 songs in the web app?

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Thanks for writing in. Truth be told, playlists over 200 hundred tracks are know to become glitchy. Our engineers are aware of this but unfortunately we do not have the resources currently to look into this now. I recommend that if your playlist is getting up there then to consider breaking down the playlist into two smaller ones.

Apologies for the inconvenience!


Thanks for the help though.
I'm having the problem too. Editing the playlist seems to fix it temporarily, but it would be nice if you guys would just split all the playlists that are too big for us on the back-end for us. It's really frustrating when hundreds of songs you have added to a playlist go missing. I spend a lot of time collecting tracks into my lists, and it's no fun to find that they all may be inaccessible now.

I'd recommend getting away from loading all the images and track metadata in the same API call. That way you could throw 1000+ tracks up on the screen and lazy-load the album art instead of the tracks and art together (it takes forever to get to the bottom of the playlist list too, the same approach could be taken there as well).
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Well, as I said in my playlist 200 songs appear only me, but I have 324, what happens?

im so upset about this..........