Playlist showing no more than 200 songs in the web app?

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Hey there!

I was recently creating a playlist within soundcloud. Everything went fine until the moment, when some of my tracks randomly disappeared.

I had about 233 songs in my playlist. However, I wanted to add another song but somehow the song count randomly jumped to 169. I can't explain how this could happen.

Only a spectific section of the playlist seems to be disappeared. If I go in edit mode non of the songs which disappeared are listed.
BUT! When I look for the disappered songs in soundcloud and want to add them again, the add button says that they are already in the playlist!!!!

Here is my playlist:

One more thing: Is there a way to see the songs I previously added to a playlist (some kind of a history)

Futher detail:
Using Firefox on a Macintosh

Thank you,

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For my computer, I am using Google Chrome, on Windows 8. For my Ipod 5 ios 8.3, I am using the Soundcloud app.

Ok so, I've added new songs to a soundcloud playlist of mine, from other artist. In total, I have about 224 songs that should be on my playlist. When I view my playlist on my computer, the song count says 215, but it also shows the 9 songs, that make it add up to 224, and I can play those. But when I use the soundcloud app, on my mobile device (ipod), it only shows the 215 songs, and the extra 9 that that the song count has excluded, is not there, and I can't play those at all. I've tried refreshing, logging in and out, updating the app, even updating my ipod...I've tried everything but it will not load those last 9 songs, or any other new songs that I add to my playlist. I don't what to do, it has been like this for months, and I really just want to enjoy my songs from the app. I hope this makes sense, I will clarify anything if asked. Please help me.
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Thanks for writing in. Truth be told, playlists over 200 hundred tracks are know to become glitchy. Our engineers are aware of this but unfortunately we do not have the resources currently to look into this now. I recommend that if your playlist is getting up there then to consider breaking down the playlist into two smaller ones.

Apologies for the inconvenience!