• 9 December 2016
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I use android and windows for soundcloud. I usually browse and add music to playlists on android. I had 2 lists each with 499 songs each on android app. then when I log into windows and us my computer it says there are 3 tracks in one playlist and 156 in another. This has been going on for some time, playlists saying theyre saved and not saving or just 20-50 songs (or more) just disappearing from my playlists. This is utter crap, i spent countless hours building playlists that dont save>??? Seems rudimentary to me.

2 replies

yea great support for free users.........
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Hi there,

Just seeing this. Sorry no one from the community got back to you. We did receive a number of reports and our moderators couldn't get back to all of them. A fix for this has been built and deployed in the meantime, so this should no longer be an issue for you. To make sure your phone's cache isn't playing tricks on you, I'd recommend to sign out, delete the app, restart your phone and download the app again.

Once that's done, test with a few tracks to see if things are working properly for you.