Playlists wont embed on Wordpress

  • 3 March 2017
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I asked a while ago why most , but bot all, of my playlists wont embed on my blog. Soundcloud said they were aware of the problem but having an 'issue' with finding out why its happening. Im just wondering if any headway has been made. I recently started a music blog, and my created playlists are THE integral part of the whole site, yet 75% of them wont embed. I don't actually use the embed method as the embed icon is hardly ever available. I just copy paste. I tried the Soundcloud suggested shortcut but it doesnt work. thanks!!

2 replies

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Hi there,

Sorry to see no one from the community has had the chance to get back to you about this yet. What we'll need to help you troubleshoot this:

1. The URL to your blog
2. The URL of a Playlist that you were able to embed
3. The URL of a Playlist that you were NOT able to embed.

Actually to my delight I was recently able to embed them all. Ive been trying to do that for over a year! So now when I bring them to my blog they say powered by Embedly. I already had that widget installed for a few months and it didn't have any effect, and then its seems like all of a sudden it started working. Thanks for getting back to me!