Problem with adding songs to existing playlists...

  • 2 December 2018
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So I joined Soundcloud recently and quickly ran into a problem: Adding songs to an existing playlist.
I already did some reading on this website and tried a few fixes, but the problem keeps persisting, I can create a new playlist and add songs to it with ease until I hit refresh, then it asks me to make a new playlist. It's as if the website simply loses track of your playlists when you hit refresh and assumes you have none instead of just rechecking your profile when you refresh to update its "list" of your playlists. I was really hoping for such a simple bug to be fixed by now, but I'm clearly asking for too much.
That being said, I don't suppose anybody is running into a similar issue? And if so, does anybody know a more permanent solution than creating a new playlist every time you want to add songs to an existing playlist, and avoiding the refresh button like the plague?

(I'm using Chrome, it's up-to-date, adblocker was turned off)

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