• 19 May 2017
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It is the year 2017 and the developers at SoundCloud can't use their millions to put a repeat button on the app? Probably the most useful feature to use. Not only have you removed the repeat button but also the whole Information button altogether. The info tab gave the Artists to post information to their listeners. I listen to long edm mix's and the Dj's who used to post them always put the Tracklist to give credit to the original producers so people could find individual songs they liked. Both of the features I mentioned were at one point on the app for both iOS and android but now removed for no apparent reason. What is the reasoning? Especially since your community has asked repeatedly to bring it back. I guess SoundCloud doesn't listen or want to listen to its users.

7 replies

Does anyone else feel the same way?
JUST WHY did you fucking withdraw the "random" button on every playlist ?! now we need to click on a random song and then click on a ridiculously small button at the bottom it's SO ANNOYING


I also mention the fact that if we want to look for old released from an artist, let's say monstercat it can take FOREVER to scroll, there isn't even a optional bar to search for a song he did only on his page it's SO LAME, just do a list where we can see clearly all the songs or something, i don't know, just one word : UNCONVENIENT

Not to forget I'm paying like 10 euros per month and i just figured out yesturday i couldn't even delete a song from my playlist on the application, really really nice. We also cannot see clearly if a song we're listening is already in one of our playlist or not, it's the same color, all BLACK on WHITE, with some thin transparancy, yo guys you should seriously improve your ergonomy everywhere, it's urgent. And finally, sorry but even if i won't be able to listen some of my songs from my playlist, im gonna stop paying, i'm literraly furious. Finally, can't compete with other music platforms. Maybe i'll keep using soundcloud but it's just paying too much for not enough. Of course i'm thinking about using another platform now...
There is a repeat button but for some reason it's real hidden, at least for android. If you listen to a song on the bottom right hand corner there is a set of 3bars with bullet points, tap that button. There will be a playlist screen that will pop up showing what songs will play next. Upper right hand corner there is a rectangle, tapping it once will show a 1 meaning that the song will repeat. Tapping it again will take away the 1 but will keep the rectangle orange, meaning the album or playlist will repeat.
100% agree the withdraw of the randomizing button is just retarded ...
Well, at least you did not take out the random button altogether but I agree with Arthur that this is making things more complicated rather than simple... 😞
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Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback. I'll be sure to pass it on to the relevant product team on our end. Something I personally like doing is to use the keyboard shortcut to achieve the same thing. Shift+S will shuffle. In order to see an overview of all shortcuts at any given time, just hit "h" on your keyboard. For reference, here's what you'll see:

Thank you Mathis! This is great to have as I am very much of a shortcut person! 🙂