Re-building my library on soundcloud, how many likes is to many?

  • 17 October 2019
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So I have been taking the time to go back and rebuild my library by liking all of the bands and all of the songs I can find on soundcloud that I have previously liked or like now. I have not purchased SoundCloud Go yet ; and I realized that while in the middle of my quest to rebuild my library with all of the bands and different genres I noticed that after a while a lot of the songs weren't being like even though I had hit the like button and they have not been added to my library. I waited a a day so that I can spend another day liking more bands this did not help, is there a limit to likes or likes per day?  Of course this is a quick process of finding the band and liking the songs that I know. I'm not sure what has happened but it won't let me like anymore so do I need to upgrade to SoundCloud go because as I remember you could have unlimited likes on your regular SoundCloud free account please help me find the answer to this question so I can continue building my library with SoundCloud as it as it is my favorite music streaming service thanks for your help guys hope this helps others and have an awesome day and let your love light shine.

0 replies

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