removing tracks without affecting album?

  • 25 January 2018
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hi, i uploaded four tracks with the express purpose of organizing them into an album (EP). the album was created successfully, and now i'd like to clean up my page by removing the individual tracks themselves. put simply, i only want the tracks to show up on my page as part of the album. can i delete the single uploads on my page or will that delete them from the album? thank you.

2 replies

ok, well i tried deleting the standalone track to see what would happen. it deleted the track from the album/EP too.
how can one show a cohesive EP to listeners without cluttering up the page with duplicates of each track?
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Hi the Wonderlust,

The "All" tab will always show both your individual tracks and playlists / albums / EPs. If a user only wants to see your EP, they can always choose this tab.

I will pass on your feedback around this to the relevant product team on our end.