• 26 March 2018
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All of my reposts have disappeared from my profile. It is only displaying playlists and albums. Missing individual tracks. This is unacceptable. I refer back to my profile to see these tracks I have been loving over the years. Additionally, my followers depend on my reposts daily. Even when I view my profile while logged out, I am not seeing my reposted tracks.

What the hell is going on??? I gave it a few days because I assumed it was a random display error that would resolve itself. Soundcloud claims to have issued a fix, but this is far from the truth. I am still seeing others reporting the same problem. Soundcloud, what the f*** are you doing to address this issue? I have Tweeted to the Twitter Support as well and have yet to hear a reply. Please address this immediately.

1 reply

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@ El Greco : Indeed,unacceptable is the word.When we look at the history of the topics on this bug, we notice that it has been happening for several years...without any satisfying explanations and even more serious, without solutions... absolutely outrageous !!! From a general point of view, i think that Soundcloud is only a source of problems and lost times.It's really unfortunate...