Sharing Private Playlists or streaming Without Listener having to Login

  • 7 November 2016
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I've set up private playlists in the past, but from what I could tell the listener has to have a SoundCloud account and be logged in to listen.
This is a pretty important aspect for getting music to industry folks who don't have time to login, etc.

Is there an option to be able to share playlists privately without the listener having to even know what SoundCloud is, let alone have to login to listen? Is this possible in the upgrade?

1 reply

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Hi tvr,

Sorry to see no one has helped out with this so far. All it needs to stream a track, private or public, is the direct URL to the track, or the secret link to the track if it is set to private. Only if someone wants to download a track (given you have enabled the option to download), they would need a SoundCloud account.