Shuffle on Mobile and Desktop not working so well

  • 22 April 2016
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So far I really like Soundcloud and actually considering paying monthly to get rid of the ads. A few things are holding me back though. I was wondering where the Shuffle button is located for my personal playlist on the web app/browser version of Soundcloud? I can't find it anywhere! On the bottom widget I see 'Previous, Play/Stop, Next and Repeat' but shuffle is missing??

Secondly, I see that the Shuffle button is available on my android device if I click on the three dots so I'm able to shuffle. However, I noticed that once I click shuffle and proceed to chose a song from my playlist, it stops shuffling and plays the next song! Example: I like to turn on shuffle but usually I always like to chose the first song. Then I don't care what the next song is but I don't want it to be sequential. I want shuffle to stay turned ON.


1 reply

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Hi Ben,

Thanks for reaching out and for providing feedback. On Web, you'll find the shuffle button on the right hand side, under the header of your playlist. Here's how this looks:

I will pass on your feedback about mobile to the product team.

All the best