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I see petition is closed. I blasted soundcloud when they dumped the groups. Apparently, they don't care what we want. Installing that lame "Station" thing which is completely useless as its packed with a ton of unrelated junk material. Screw it. Since the groups were tossed, many of us experienced a sudden and ongoing drop in plays.
Let me suggest to all of you (and I'm no shill, for this website) to upload your tracks soundcloud, Spotify, bandcamp, Fanburst, YouTube, Reverberation tracks to and watch your play counts, likes, reposts increase (10x as many in my case). You'll see how it works and its FREE. While you are discovering great new artists (and wade a little through some you may not like) you will earn "credits" that put your tracks in rotation. And unlike some other collectives, you're not obligated to "Like" or "Repost" tracks you don't like much.-Trend.