Some of my tracks are suddenly showing "Not available in the United Kingdom"

  • 30 August 2018
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I am based in the UK. I have recently uploaded 5 of my latest tracks to my public playlist and people in the UK have been able to access them. Yesterday I suddenly found that of the 9 tracks in my public playlist, the 5 recently uploaded are now showing "Not available in the UK and I can't even listen to them myself in my own SoundCloud account as they and showing as greyed out. Of the 5 tracks I am having the problem with, 4 were uploaded a month ago and the 5th was uploaded 2 days ago.

Is this a problem with SoundCloud in the UK? is anyone else having this issue? any ideas how I can fix this?

I have logged a support ticket with SoundCloud but had no response from them at all so now trying to get to the bottom of this problem through the Help Community.

4 replies

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Are you able to edit them? Geoblocking is under the Monetization menu, but I think you only have that if your music is officially released and has a digital distributor.
No, not able to edit them, they were just greyed out. oddly enough the not available in the UK has gone but will need to keep an eye on it and see if it reappears again.

None of my tracks are officially released by anyone, they are solely my own compositions written and recorded by myself, I own all copyrights.
One of my tracks that was uploaded 2 years ago is suddenly greyed out with no explanation.

Not good.
Can someone please assist

Track should be accessible on my profile as "the-dictator"
Same issue here.

@Soundcloud: Why do you just disable a track in a playlist while leaving the incredibly useless explanation "Not available in [country]"
At the very least, leave a link to somewhere you explain why. Please!

And while I'm at it: Have the playlist feature reviewed by a usability expert, remake it based on the report.

You can do much better than this.

UPDATE: This is a defect. Refreshing the playlist page fixed it.