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  • 19 August 2015
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Hi there!

Earlier, about a year ago I had a song in my playlist "Chillstep" that was named *COSMOS* or *C.O.S.M.O.S* or something similar. When I went to play it off a few months ago it was gone, and I've literally done so much research on the song, without finding it anywhere. I pray to the higher powers that you guys file a history on users to see what songs they added etc. I can't remember the artist name, and I could pay big money if I could ever find this song again. If you could provide me only with a artist-name on the song I'd be forever in your debt. Thanks so much in advance!

Your's Sincerely

2 replies

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Hi Braba,

Thanks for writing in and sorry to hear these songs are gone. Do you remember any of the tracks that were on the playlist? Were they mostly comprised of the same accounts? It could be that the owner of the profile has taken down their profile and all of their content along with it.

We don't keep a history of tracks in a playlist so i'm afraid we have no way of retrieving the tracks.

Thanks for your reply,

All other tracks are in the playlist the playlist I mentioned in the first post, and it's a mix of many different artists that I made myself. As you don't keep history I suppose the song is 'un-traceable'. Thanks for your time anyhow!

Your's Sincerely