songs don't load on serato from soundcloud playlists.

  • 28 February 2019
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i have my playlist for serato and when i try to load tracks it randomly won't load some tracks, it shows a bar at the bottom that says "downloading" it can take 10 seconds, or 10 minutes. sometimes all the tracks won't load. it was working fine and now its happening all the time, what the fuck happened? it pretty much makes this a useless feature if i can't depend on it working. these aren't new tracks either, they have been played from the same playlist over and over. i can load a song and play it, then maybe 5 minutes later it will not be available again. its arbitrary to what will work and not work. please fix this.

9 replies

Has anyone replied to you? I am having the exact same problem. Certain songs I add to a playlist do not come up on my serato, it is super frustrating and I am going to cancel my subscription if this problem isn't resolved. It's a little disheartening that no one has responded to your thread, hoping maybe you received support?!
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Hi there,

Sorry to see no one has had the chance to get back to you here. Is either of you still experiencing these issues? If so, please be sure you're up to the latest version of your Serato software and restart Serato. Sometimes the indexing can take a while to catch up, and there might have been an issue on SoundCloud's end (as in, a temporary outage) when you were experiencing this.

Let us know how it went since then.
Same deal wont load
Same here. Tried everything from updating, restarting, etc. and still some songs will not show up. Really a deal breaker when you are forking over cash every month for a faulty service.
Same songs I put into a playlist won’t show up in serato and I have SoundCloud pro
Same thing for me! waiting for a fix for this!!!
Exactly the same problem, some songs will download, and then not download the next time you try them, most don't work at all. I have cancelled the soundcloud subscription because of this and will try Tidal and see how that goes.
I feel like the songs which do not load are the ones uploaded by the artist themselves. I have tried liking songs uploaded by artists and also liking the same song uploaded by another user and only the song uploaded by a non artist user will show up on serato. maybe some kind of copy right issue??
Bump because I'm also having the same issue, everything is up to date, but no matter what, there are certain songs that just decide not to show up. And its the same songs every time. I can make a new playlist, and the exact same songs will be missing. If i try to search them from the Soundcloud search bar in Serato they can't be found either, but are clearly a part or soundcloud. Very frustrating that if I create a 60 song playlist on Soundcloud and load up Serato, 8-10 of them will be missing.