Songs not showing up in my mobile playlist on IOS?

I know there was a similar problem a little while ago, and that there seemed to be a bug fix that worked for some people, however I am having the problems again. I will add songs into a playlist online on a computer, and they don't show up in my mobile playlists. I have tried to "un-download" the playlist and then "re-download" the playlist multiple times, change the privacy settings on the playlists, and I have taken individual songs out, then put them back in to no avail. Does anyone know of a fix? Or is this just a bug that needs to be patched? Thanks a bunch!

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hey Fame ---- try tomaz' fix for iOs over here;

tomaz Kamenecki "... OK GUYS! - If you're on iOS close the soundcloud app, then go to your settings and open the soundcloud settings. enable "Clean Database" and "Clean Image Cache". This should refresh all playlists when you open soundcloud. I tried adding and removing tracks from the playlist from my computer and it seems that the app on my phone now also updates the changes. Worked for me, let me know if it did for you!...."

its a temp workaround... cheers J.