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I have about 15 playlists that I update each week and I want the newest tracks to be at the top when added. Is there any way to do this without having to manually re-sort them each time? Thanks!

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Hi there,

This is currently not something we provide as an automatic feature, sorry.
I'd also like to see this implemented. Is there a high demand for it or are there any plans to implement it in the future?
yes. and many likes sort also add.
We would also like to see this feature. Something like what you have available in this forum would be perfect (see image)

It is stuff like this that keeps me from ever paying for this service and paying for Spotify instead when there aren't simple features like this. Silly that people have to scroll for ages on playlists just to see their most recent songs.
One thing I've figured out - the playlist will list the songs in the order you add them, so first in will remain on top of list. That's better than nothing. But below the playlist (on your profile page) your songs will still be listed in reverse order of how you upload them. Which in my case this is a pain, as the first tracks showing on my profile page (after the playlist) are 2 bonus tracks - tracks that are the furthest from my faves
Huge +1 on this. I always want the newest songs at the top, and automatically. I don't want to always have to resort and re-order my entire playlist every week.
Please address this issue, SoundCloud. It's a hassle to have to rearrange playlists every week when new tracks are added.
Same story. Please, fix this
Todos pedimos lo mismo! solucionar lo de los nuevos tracks ponerlos al comienzo!.
Need this too! Why the heck would I want to listen to the oldest added song first?

I think this is not a big deal for you devs! Please add this feature!

How come a service as big as this, with millions of users can’t implement such a simple feature as sorting by the most recent!?

what a joke!
I really don't understand why this functionality is still not available, on my SC account I have many tracks, and a few playlists, adding a track to one of them need to drag and drop across the screen to reorder items one by one.
Lovers Lane UMC wrote:

I'd also like to see this implemented. Is there a high demand for it or are there any plans to implement it in the future?