Soundcloud app deleted all liked tracks

  • 1 January 2018
  • 3 replies

I have been watching this progress over the last 10-15 minutes. My account had 400+ songs liked on it, and when I reloaded the app after some songs weren't loading, I realized that I had 200 songs left in the liked tracks. I went into my history and re-liked around 100 songs that I knew I had listened to in the past, but afterwards I went onto my computer to check if the tracks had been re-liked properly, 34 tracks remained in my liked tracks list. I reloaded again and it was down to 14, then 6, then 0. There's no way to contact support, so I'm stuck troubleshooting by myself. Anybody else getting this?

3 replies

*update: The app seems to be the only one not seeing the tracks anymore, a lot of the likes are returning somehow on the computer*

I’m having the same problem? Is there any solution yet?


i lost everything and wnated to make my old accoutn a full on subsciption. WHen i logged in there was like 20 songs total and many empty playlist.. i emailed soundcloud  about this. I am awaiting a response….. this is ALL thats stopping me from subcribing here.  my other accoutn WHICH IS SUBSCRIBED has also lost A LOT OF CONTENT.. if not resolved i will cancel membership