Soundcloud app, will not work with playlist correctly

  • 2 January 2017
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I recently got a new phone (Samsung galaxy 7) and I've been enjoying my playlist from my account, while on my phone it was my friends account. He changed his password so I logged in with mine and suddenly my playlist is not working. It says 30 tracks but none of them will display or even play. I tried adding some new tracks but they don't add for my actual playlist only on the app.

I need help because I don't want to use my laptop every time I want to add a song to my playlist

1 reply

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Hi Lucas,

Sorry about the troubles. It looks like no one was able to get back to you in the meantime either. Let's see - if you're still experiencing this issue, please remove the app, restart your phone, then download the most current version to give it a fresh start. The most current version of the app will hopefully work more accurate for you.