Soundcloud Mobile Playlist isn't Syncing.

  • 19 December 2016
  • 2 replies

My music playlists on my soundcloud account on the mobile app has a lot more songs in it's playlist than what the PC version says I have.
The only thing that seems to be saved from the mobile version to the PC version is my likes and playing history.

I would like all the songs I added to my playlist on the mobile app to still be on my playlist when I use the computer, but right now it isn't happening. How do I fix this?

2 replies

basically... the large amount of my songs in my playlist only show on my mobile, instead of both. PC soundcloud isn't up to date on my playlists.
i have this problem as well. hoping someone has an answer. i added a few songs to a playlist with my phone a few hours ago, and when i got home and checked out the playlist on the browser on my pc, the songs i added were not in the playlist.