Soundcloud Reposting Tracks i have Never Liked or Listened To

  • 14 April 2019
  • 4 replies

Just looking at my feed and I noticed I'm reposting tracks by people I've never listened to, liked or have any interest in e.g. Neovaii

What is this happening and how do I stop it?


4 replies

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maybe you hit the repost button accidentally?
no its defo not that! I'd never even encountered this crud before, it looks like its from some reposting service. I've just had to Follow and Unfollow a whole bunch of 'artists' to get them off my likes. They were all sat on the top of my likes page, even tho I hadn't liked them
and now Like and Unlike tracks to get them removed. So I have tracks sitting in my likes from sh1t like Puller that i have never once listened to. Its some reposting service spam
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Hey @stanX I noticed you have a few apps connected that might be causing this, so I'd recommend to disconnect these from your settings page in a web browser first. If you cannot seem to "unlike" (by clicking the like button again) after that, try an incognito / private browser window with all 3rd party extensions (Adblock, HTTPS Everywhere, etc.) disabled.

Hope this does the trick. Let us know how it went.