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  • 21 November 2016
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Since the Station system has been introduced I'm enjoying soundcloud even more.

But today I came across in one of the stations there was couple unrelated music genres.

Would it be possible to create in the drop down menu a filed Not Related or what ever suits to cancel the track out and keep the listeners happy.

Here is an example

Current Version on Soundcloud:

And the version I'm talking about is this which I've designed:

So yeah, if you guys would support this little change it would be amazing and keep people connect to soundcloud. I have all assets ready if you guys are interested, just send me an email to


Here is a full picture how it would look

2 replies

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your feedback. Glad you're enjoying SoundCloud and the stations feature. I've passed on your feedback to the relevant product team :-)

All the best