Suggested Tracks Not Working

  • 16 December 2017
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I really miss the Suggested Tracks on the Discovery page and they appear to have disappeared for some reason. Now All I'm getting is "Trending" playlists, like Party, Sleep, Synth, etc... I hate it!

I used to be able to find songs related to songs I've already listened to and liked. But now It's just "Featured" music playlists related to music genres I've listened to.

If it's at all possible to get the original Suggested Tracks back on the Discovery tab for my Soundcloud account I would be grateful for help on how to do so.

4 replies

They fucked up one of the best thing of their website...How clever !

Soundcloud, you really suck on this one...
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I am totally with you and posted a similar message the same day


I totally miss the "suggested tracks" function which helped me discover hundreds of songs. now the "more of what you like" just list songs I've already liked. I already know them so how can I discover new songs???

Unfortunately doesn't seem to be a big issue 😞
I agree with you guys. I’ve been looking so see if they moved it somewhere else but nope. They seemed to have removed the suggested tracks and it was the best feature they had on this site/app.

I now only use SoundCloud to listen the music that I have liked, and is in the liked list that I accumulated from using the suggested music that is no longer there for me to discover music I like.
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Hi there,

You can still find new music, for instance on the "Artists you should know" section on the Discover page, or via the related tracks of each of your liked tracks. I will forward your feedback about the overall sections on the discover page though.