Suggestion for deleted playlists and tracks

  • 25 September 2018
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Hi Mathis,

I'm so sorry to bother you because you must get this all the time, but along with my problem at least I have a solution to offer!
So of course I accidentally deleted my playlist (the name was: GG), and I was hoping you could restore it for me. Please pretty please? I had so much music on there that I'd put on a really long time ago, so I don't even remember any of it.

Here's the solution I propose: I think you should simply display the name and more importantly the **picture** associated with the playlist, on the screen that asks to confirm that you want to delete it. Then, you know what you're deleting, and if it's not the right thing, you just go back! VoilĂ  🙂

Hope it helps!
Thank you so much for all your work and helpfulness (yeah that's not a word is it)


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