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I've heard the same "real cost" ad 23 times in the last 44 minutes this is absolutely ridiculous
If I hear one more damn ad about the real cost I might lose it
An ad every time I switch tracks = SC has become unusable. Just opened myself a Spotify due to this and will be relocating there if this doesn't change. Ciao.

Also, SoundCloud Go/Go+ does provide an ad free listening experience, so this might be something you'd be interested in:


Translation: Pay me, F*ck you.

By all this smoth words, I definitely have to agree to this comparision of achieving money by harassing People with too long and to often played ads. I definitely know the idea behind this and really want to support SoundCloud's projekt (if this projekt is that clear as it comes to us) - but you've to improve this! Getting money for management and for creators is ok, but please see both sides - not only how much your company and creators can get. There is definitely another point, a point who connects all this amazing people among OURSELVES and between this two pionts should be NEVER any ad or untrustable thing!

Peace be with you all

PS: For SC Go: Please could you add PayPal as payment option :)
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I also face the same issues as others have mentioned:
- Every other song is a 30 seconds advertisement, usually the same one, over and over again.
- The ads are being played even when just briefly previewing songs i.e. skipping songs merely after a few seconds.
- At times the ads are played before any song when visiting Soundcloud.

Please fix these issues, I suggest a system as follows:
- After listening to 3-4 tracks, play an ad.
- When searching / skipping through songs don't interrupt the user experience with an ad unnecessarily... How about playing an ad after 3 - 4 minutes of total playtime, even when skimming through 20 songs.
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C'mon Soundcloud, are you serious about that?! I used to search for new music via Soundcloud for many years, but atm this is so frustrating, I will probably stop.

Your algorithms for
1) decide whether to play an ad and
2) which one
are totally buggy. Everytime I skip a track (and I do that a lot), the f** same shitty 30 seconds ad gets played. This way it is not only completely unusable for your users, but it also harms your ad-customers. Everytime I hear that crap, I get the strong desire to destroy all iphones in the world and finally terminate my Telekom contract. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

Btw as an artist, I do already pay for the hosting service. So please change something very soon, otherwise you will lose many of us.

If you need some help in programming, please let me know. I will fix it for you.
Never had ads until today and now I'm inundated with them. 30-45 seconds each with heavy repetition, between every song. Tedious to say the least.

Still haven't fixed your search either. Still can't sort results chronologically.

The people running the show at SoundCloud HQ really don't have a clue.
This is just ridiculous.

Song > AD > Song > AD > Song > AD > Song > AD > Song > AD > Song > AD

I use to love Soundcloud. I found a lot of great music here. Now I can't even listen to anything.

Soundcloud has turned to shit.
I had ads for one day and they went away again. Consider sharing, liking and commenting on the stuff you listen to and like. I suspect this has something to do with it.
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Consider sharing, liking and commenting on the stuff you listen to and like. I suspect this has something to do with it.

Well, I doubt that, because I did that in the past the same way, how I do it now ("like" everything, I do actually like). But things have changed for me, too! Either soundcloud has re-worked their algorithms, or they look up this post and change it for particular users that complain ^^ Anyway, I can now skip several tracks again without getting bothered all the time. Still always getting the same ad though....
I had ads for one day and they went away again. Consider sharing, liking and commenting on the stuff you listen to and like. I suspect this has something to do with it.

I usually like/repost and sometimes comment. I'll keep trying but the future doesn't look to promising here.
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I’ve been using the SoundCloud app on my iPhone and I also get a lot of ads when searching for new music. However not when I go through my likes LIST. It seems I get ads more often when I swipe to the left on the waveform player(next song) then when I play through the list instead.

AND, I don’t get any ads on my Windows PC with Chrome browser and uBlock Origin extension.

Anyone that has experienced the same?
Do you really only have 1 ad for all of Australia??

Same for germany. It's always the same ad for about 2 months
Agree with everything here. I just stopped renewing my insanely expensive 50$ yearly pro plan. Really annoying to hear advertisement after every single track. It's not acceptable.
Also fed up with soundcloud UI, wether on desktop or app version. So crappy, messy and not user friendly.
Soundcloud forgot to focus on small artists (which I am)that was the foundation. I don't make any f****** money from soundcloud and now there is advertisement, which of course won't profit to me. The problem is that there are no direct concurrence for small artists. Bandcamp is good but quite different tho. It is such a torture to use soundcloud now that the 2nd step for me will maybe remove totally my account.
I can totally agree! Especially when EVERY SINGLE AD IS THE SAME! I’ve literally memorized every word in each of the 3 ads they play. And ALL of them are about the stupid FDA tobacco free campaign. Like seriously, I got it. Don’t smoke.
At least can they make them relevant! One minute I'm listening to drum and bass and gansta rap next minute im listening to an ad about recruitment and being a business owner. Know your audience soundcloud! =
The amount of ads is unbearable. I've been on soundcloud since close to the start and shown it to others. I have also been a pro user, payed account, posted my own tracks. Slowly over time the point of soundcloud was lost, and now I won't use it anymore. Why would I pay to hear tracks on soundcloud when I can pay for spotify and have access to many more. Why should I have to pay for a Pro account and then also have to pay to listen to ad-free tracks. Why should I have to listen to the same ad after every track when I am using the service and by doing so promoting other peoples content. I can't see any sense in using it. No one is seeing/hearing what I have posted, and the same ad per track is over the top to the point you might as well say - you can't play any tracks without paying (which I'm sure isn't what many who are posting on soundcloud want). It's also next to impossible to find anything. Features which use to be helpful with this have long since disappeared. Shame. I liked soundcloud, but its not that anymore.
Hey I can't believe no one at SoundCloud seems to be listening to this conversation! OMG WTF? There are SOOOO many valid criticisms here and a fucking wall of silence. Unbelievable! And so what's shitting me now is that I've upgraded and can't get the music on my phone onto my PC. Same account. And again, comments on this topic in this discussion "community" just remain unanswered. Hey - I've sucumbed to your neoliberal profiteering. How about some fucking customer service in return, and fixing the bugs and issues that if you look, have been problems for years.
I've been using soundcloud for years, and I'm gonna have to stop. The amount of ads you play is unbearable, every other song is an ad. Why'd you have to ruin a good thing? I can understand having ads, but good lord... every other song is ridiculous.

Whats most fcked up here is i instantly MUTE every advert and if i do catch a glimpse or name of the company my mental association with anyone rudely interrupting my enjoyment is disliked.
So if you are reading this advertising people all you are doing is creating an unpleasant association with your company not a good one.
I have been a long standing supporter of soundcloud but not anymore, all you needed to do was charge a small amount you're not spotify youre a collection of amateur collections ffs.
I would listen to soundcloud daily for years.

Now? I haven't used soundcloud in over a year since the ads were introduced. No thanks. Heartbreaking to see such a great site turn into a spotify-style ad deluge to force you to break and buy a sub.

I logged back in today to give it a go, played half a song, skipped, faced an ad.

I should have known better, such a shame. So long soundcloud
The old Soundcloud is better than this money sucker, by the way anyone can find a way into accessing those 30 second songs just by going through multiple websites WITHOUT PAYING
An ad plays before I even TRY to listen to my first song, does this happen to anyone else? It's absolutely insane !!!
There's a simple solution: Ads only play on PRO accounts so don't listen to PRO accounts and if you're an artist, don't sign up for a PRO account. Why would I force my audience to listen to ads? Especially the casual listener/general public who won't even have a Soundcloud account. Incidentally I noticed if I share my track to Facebook my friends can't listen to the track without signing up for a Soundcloud account. The monopoly-mentality corporate numpties now in control really haven't thought this through. I wouldn't be surprised if Soundcloud were also linked to all those dodgy spam accounts that sell plays and comments, they don't seem that bothered about shutting them down.
I've been using soundcloud for years, and I'm gonna have to stop. The amount of ads you play is unbearable, every other song is an ad. Why'd you have to ruin a good thing? I can understand having ads, but good lord... every other song is ridiculous.

true. the adds have only grown in the past year.
i've been using soundcloud for 3 or 4 years, and this normally wasnt a problem for. but in the last couple of weeks i have been getting spammed with ads