Too Many Damn Ads

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To add to the horror now, the next song in a radio station won't play unless you hit skip on the ad itself, thus interrupting your listening experience even more!
Don't worry, they aren't getting enough signups for Premium so let's just spam the hell out of them with ads you have to manually skip to interrupt your listening experience until you buy. Great strategy!
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Just started getting adds. Ive been a pro user for years. Unless this changes I will cancel my account.
If I get told to 'check out tune cooooorrrrrrrrrrre' one more time..... Most iritating voice ever!
Just as sekon told here. I got my first ad today... Every damn fucking track?!

I'm a pro user, paying 90 euros each year... I guess I deserve to hear music uploaded by other pro users freely!

The revenue doesn't even comes back to us if a user hear one of our track...
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Yes Bruce this is very bad on sc's part.

I can understand for free users of platform getting ads but for people playing 90euro each year this is unacceptable.
Nobody seems to care over here...

Made a twitter request:
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Nobody seems to care over here...

Made a twitter request:

Im not on twitter to reply but I just tested my soundcloud and Im still getting ads. Maybe point them to this (or others on this forum).

Not only us Pro user having ads.
Hi all,

I've found a loophole to avoid ads, but it certainly isn't a perfect one. Simply refresh your browser when the ad starts playing and you will bypass the ad. It will definitely be faster than listening to the ad, but may require work on your end if you're listening to a playlist.

I understand listening to an ad to support soundcloud every 5-10 songs, but every other song is extremely annoying. I doubt soundcloud will do anything in the foreseeable future to make the user experience bearable, but this is the only way I know how to protest this issue.
Is it just me or has the frequency of ads increased in the last couple of weeks? I understand that Soundcloud is getting desperate, but they are going to drive their user base away at this rate.
The only ads I've ever heard on soundcloud are ads telling me to pay for soundcloud... Between almost every single song lately. Ads were almost non-existent last time I was here and now it's like soundcloud is shoving itself down my throat demanding my money every 3-5 minutes. WTF?
Like is it actually for paying the artists or for lining the pockets of soundcloud? Because it certainly seems like the later. I only use this website for like 2 artists.
It's taunting and insulting at this point. Like all I hear in any of these ads is "I'm soundcloud! I'm intentionally annoying you! If you'd like me to stop annoying you then you'll have to give me your money."
How about no? If I didn't want to pay for soundcloud then, I certainly don't now. O.o
The only ads I've ever heard on soundcloud are ads telling me to pay for soundcloud... "I'm soundcloud! I'm intentionally annoying you! If you'd like me to stop annoying you then you'll have to give me your money."

Lmao "Yup! I'm an ad! Upgrade to get rid of me!"

80% of the "ads" I hear are self promotion.

But it has a nice background song to it. If anybody can ID let me know
So everyone is getting ads got my first today after a year, and its not stoping!
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Just to adding to the pile of feedback. The amount of ads is really unreasonable at times. I had an ad between every track today (though it's not always like that). Ultimately I closed SoundCloud and opened up bandcamp to listen to some music without repetitive interruptions.

Additionally, the "skip" button appears to have no effect for me (i.e. it doesn't skip the ad when it indicates it should be able to skip it.) I'm on safari web browser and haven't checked other. Just a pain on top of the pain of having to deal with ads.

I use a free account and have been considering paying for the upgrade but I'm not convinced that Soundcloud is heading in a good direction. I would happily pay for a service that does not have ads and provides the features already possibly with SoundCloud. But the SoundCloud changes over the last year or so have all been to the detriment of the artists here (aside from being able to re-upload tracks).
Yeah SO MANY ADS!!!!
GeNEtically MoDIFIed CIGretetetes To Beee Mure AdEEctive.

Please stop this. I had to google this to see if anyone else was having this problem.
@Mathis your solution is a joke. Every time an ad plays you pay an artist. Sure, I get that. Look at this forum though, you're driving away so many listeners because you can't control the ads that absolutely bombard us. It's like the Blitzkrieg of ads here. The word "occasional" which your article references, does not mean once every 2-3 minutes. Also, why would I pay you for the subscription? You've already broken my trust massively and proved to be incompetent. Please find a real solution. Until then, you've lost another user. It might be worthwhile for you to tally up how many you're pushing away.
At least take what spotify is doing like play 2-3 ad for every 30 minutes or learn from youtube no ad control what so ever and add a 5 second skip button

Or just download music thru pirate bay
Or another way downgrade your soundcloud version never upgrade them in the first place
Too many ads this needs to change other wise I won’t use SoundCloud any more. Every single song there’s a advert now this is rediculous
My SoundCloud usage has reduced by about 80% because of the ads. It's terrible. It's a waste. It's an anti pattern.

Like everyone else is saying: an ad every 5 or 6 songs is bearable. The same ad in between every song is torture.

No good SoundCloud, no good.
It's so bad that I'm almost convinced the app / script just bugs out and plays one in between every single song. I've even had it where I would start a song over, from the beginning, and insteas it would just skip to the previous song and play an Ad. Overall the QoL for users on the *free* service has plummeted as of late. It doesn't make me want to pay for your premium service, it makes me want to use another platform such as Mixcloud etc..
si, si , si, si, si, ... si!! ya, im pretty sure they are trolling us.
I just came here to see if the ads changed recently, it seems like they werent there a couple weeks ago. I already paid for a year of extra space. I hope the ads between every song arent permanent.
Im just listening to some unknown peoples music, not sure why the ads are everywhere.
So one has to pay another $80-$100 on top of the regular paid subscription to make the ads go away?
Also i got sick of the ad, and tried to just listen to my own song and the ad is still there, unavoidable. I wonder if that is a feature where I have to have the ads on my own paid subscription account.