Too Many Damn Ads

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Good evening!

  1. The frequency of ads - you must be mad to put an ad with 1/3 ratio to the content. This doesn’t incentives me to buy SoundCloud+. Instead, it incentives to stop usign your application.
  2. The length of ads. I really enjoy when to listen to 1min song I need to listen an ad for 45 seconds. Could you please make them longer? Just joking- but could you please allow to skip them?
  3. Video ads, Video ads, VIDEO ADS in sound streaming service. Are you f*cking insane? This is simply ridiculous. So I have to spend my mobile data to upload your VIDEO ads? I simply have no comments. This is somewhere on the same level of stupidity as YouTube running voice commercials on the black screen only.

Regards, see you on Apple Music