Too Many Damn Ads

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I've been using soundcloud for years, and I'm gonna have to stop. The amount of ads you play is unbearable, every other song is an ad. Why'd you have to ruin a good thing? I can understand having ads, but good lord... every other song is ridiculous.

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Cheers? Jus accept it?! Wtf this is BS! The fact that I go from an ad, to a SINGLE SONG, THEN ANOTHER AD???? LIKE WTF you can't tell me you want people on SoundCloud with that. That's bs of you think that to begin with. Slow it tf down if you at all want people on this shit.
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I'm on SoundCloud right now... the song ends... and the next track starts... OH WAIT, NO IT DOESN'T.... I HAVE TO GO THROUGH ANOTHER F'ING 'BROTHER MANAGED PRINT SERVICES' AD (I've heard about 13 of exactly the same ad over and over again!)And by the way... 30 seconds? This isn't Spotify.... keep it to every 4-5 songs and 15 secs... then maybe I'll be happy again.
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Yeah the ad volume is insane now, this past week, it is every other song and the same ad, I have to listen to 50 cent's new movie advertisement like 20 times in a day. The thing is, it is not tastefully annoying where I would pay for a subscription, it is bad to the point that I will just stop using soundcloud and switch to spotify or youtube and tell others to do so as well.
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Yes, these ads are getting absolutely ridiculous. It feels like you hear more of the advertisements than the actual songs. Literally, I'm not joking. Sometimes in my playlist, if I skip a track, it will literally play those stupid, annoying " The Real Cost" ads every time. The length of those ads are so ludicrous, sometimes they will drag on for 45 SECONDS and then sometimes they will have the video as well! I would roughly say I heard these ads about 20 times per day.
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I have to agree, I've been on Souncloud for 2 years and now (suddenly) I have to endure the SAME ad EVERY. OTHER. SONG.

I'm happy to listen to ads to support artists, but the volume is insane. Please tell me this is a glitch?

The invasive level of adverts is not increasing my likelihood of paying for services, it's giving me good reason to take my listening somewhere else where I won't be slowly driven insane.
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Agree with everyone here. I'm trying to study and shuffle one of my playlists and Soundcloud is wearing me out with these damn ads. Literally after every song I have to listen to the 50 Cent movie ad - which you can't skip - you actually have to listen to the whole damn thing. I skip a song, still have to listen to the damn ad again. wth. I don't agree with ads on here at all but at least 1) change em up occasionally and 2) let me listen to 4-5 songs before having to listen to another ad.

And telling us Soundcloud go is available and doesn't have ads is not a solution to this problem. It's unreasonable to make us listen to an ad every other song. We all don't seem to mind when it's an ad every few songs. Get your lives right soundcloud. This is no way to treat loyal users.
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If you are going to bombard the non-Go users with ads, the very least you could do is play a different ad each time. The ads suck, and the only thing worse than listening to a crappy ad is having to listen to it again 5 minutes later. That being said, the ads really have become much worse over the past year and I am now considering abandoning this site. I was a Go subscriber for a few months- but the problem with subscribing is that the main Soundcloud feed is so broken and overloaded with crappy reposts rather than new songs from people I actually follow- I end up having to search around for songs manually. I am not paying for that.
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I am super annoyed by this McDonals ad between each track. I HATE McDonalds and it just makes me leave soundcloud. So disappointing!:@
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@Mathis I'm hoping you're paying attention.
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Lol why would any one pay soundcloud? Do the artists get paid? I doubt it? Such a good thing going to waste. Cut back those ads you c*nts!
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Also, SoundCloud Go/Go+ does provide an ad free listening experience, so this might be something you'd be interested in:


Translation: Pay me, F*ck you.
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I think it's absolutely atrocious that there's this many Ads especially for FREE CONTENT. Artists upload this music for free. Otherwise they'd upload it as a Soundcloud GO track.
Keep Ads to your premium content or at least massively decrease them or you're going to lose a lot of your user base.
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Agreed, all. I've been a longtime SoundCloud user but the frequency of ads is forcing me to call it quits if nothing changes in the next month. It's the same ad again and again too, which doesn't even work for the company--rather, it alienates the customer. Unfortunately the ads will NOT be getting me to switch over to a paying account. Instead, I'm going to go to the other sites I used to use before SoundCloud. Sorry folks, but you're losing listeners.
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Even if you skip the song the 30 second FDA stop smoking ad comes up... It used to be like after 5 songs, and you were able to skip it after like 5 seconds... Now its every song, and no skips!!! And its the same ad every time! Fix it or at lease get some variety!!!
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I agree with this. Been using SoundCloud since 2013. I'm not paying for your service. I don't care. I will take my business somewhere else.
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I also face the same issues as others have mentioned:
- Every other song is a 30 seconds advertisement, usually the same one, over and over again.
- The ads are being played even when just briefly previewing songs i.e. skipping songs merely after a few seconds.
- At times the ads are played before any song when visiting Soundcloud.

Please fix these issues, I suggest a system as follows:
- After listening to 3-4 tracks, play an ad.
- When searching / skipping through songs don't interrupt the user experience with an ad unnecessarily... How about playing an ad after 3 - 4 minutes of total playtime, even when skimming through 20 songs.
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C'mon Soundcloud, are you serious about that?! I used to search for new music via Soundcloud for many years, but atm this is so frustrating, I will probably stop.

Your algorithms for
1) decide whether to play an ad and
2) which one
are totally buggy. Everytime I skip a track (and I do that a lot), the f** same shitty 30 seconds ad gets played. This way it is not only completely unusable for your users, but it also harms your ad-customers. Everytime I hear that crap, I get the strong desire to destroy all iphones in the world and finally terminate my Telekom contract. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

Btw as an artist, I do already pay for the hosting service. So please change something very soon, otherwise you will lose many of us.

If you need some help in programming, please let me know. I will fix it for you.
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I get mcdonalds ads after every song like damn just cause im thick dont mean i eat that nasty as shit get your shit together soundcloud
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That 50 Cent ad is so terrible- I think I've heard it 30 times today.
The only ads I've ever heard on soundcloud are ads telling me to pay for soundcloud... Between almost every single song lately. Ads were almost non-existent last time I was here and now it's like soundcloud is shoving itself down my throat demanding my money every 3-5 minutes. WTF?
Like is it actually for paying the artists or for lining the pockets of soundcloud? Because it certainly seems like the later. I only use this website for like 2 artists.
It's taunting and insulting at this point. Like all I hear in any of these ads is "I'm soundcloud! I'm intentionally annoying you! If you'd like me to stop annoying you then you'll have to give me your money."
How about no? If I didn't want to pay for soundcloud then, I certainly don't now. O.o
Hi peeps,

I'm paying for a PRO account and I don't want to listen to ADS or pay more for a SoundcloudGO to avoid listen to it.
This is unfair, this is a massive issue. Please offer a true support to this. I cannot pay two times.
In Japan it isn't bad but in Europe OMG it's so bad I am considering downloading playlists to use for the rest of the trip.
I would listen to soundcloud daily for years.

Now? I haven't used soundcloud in over a year since the ads were introduced. No thanks. Heartbreaking to see such a great site turn into a spotify-style ad deluge to force you to break and buy a sub.

I logged back in today to give it a go, played half a song, skipped, faced an ad.

I should have known better, such a shame. So long soundcloud
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Yeah fuck you SoundCloud...