track disappeared

  • 21 October 2017
  • 3 replies

one of my own track disappeared from my profile,but it is visible in tracks section.

3 replies

when i press "all" it isn't visible but when i press "tracks" it's visible.please help
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Hi there,

You should be all set now. 🙂 Sorry about the inconvenience.

I made a mix set over a year and a half ago (it was my first upload) which was always there. But when my payment failed, it was removed. And i lost the orange badge. But now my payment is complete and everything should be fine, but still, I don’t see my set nor the badge though it says i’m on the Soundcloud Pro+ subscription. Is there anything i can do to reverse this? (And if it means anything, it says that i’m on the free trial as though i’m trying it out for the first time.)