track history

  • 10 October 2019
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I have been using soundcloud for many years now and i must say that i love the platform you guys provide.
I’ve discovered so much new music thanks to soundcloud.
A while ago, i noticed a track that i listened to a lot disappeared from my tracklist.
Now i forgot the name and can’t really search for it anywhere else.
I tried my track listening history, but this does not go back far enough to get to that song.
This is my profile screen

, and my login is
Is there any way you guys can see my whole track listening history ? If yes could you send it to me ?
The artist i was looking for went by the name liljaune ,liljaune666 or lilyaune something like that. It could be that the track had something with phonk in the name.
I would love to be able to search for the artist’s music elsewhere if he would have some other music platform account.
Thanks for all the great work.

Best regards,
Basiel Braet