Tracks are dissaprearing from my playlist.

  • 9 January 2017
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Hi there guys, it's my first time on the community. I seek help with an issue I keep having with my account for a while.

I use my account from my mobile mostly and I create many playlists, almost all of them are on private so I can sort the tracks out later on my computer. When I do go on my laptop, many times the playlist is there, but not all the tracks, only the first one or just a few of them. Most of the time I only have to refresh the playlist on my mobile so that they can also appear on my browser.

But, many times it also happened that the tracks literally disappeared out of my playlist without ever being able of getting all of them back as they previously were. This matter became very annoying and it keeps happening for a long time now. 😞

Is there any advice I could get with this please?

Thank you for taking the time and reading this out. 🙂

3 replies

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Hi there,

Apologies about the troubles with this & sorry to see that no one has had the chance to get back to you in the meantime. We used to have issues where tracks sometimes wouldn't be synced properly between mobile & desktop. This should now be resolved for the most part. If you're still experiencing troubles, though, please try deleting the app, restart your phone for a fresh start, then download the app again - hopefully, this will sort out any bugs that might have been left on your app. 🙂
i have a problem very similar to this i also use the phone app i deleted it recently but ive noticed that songs from my collection are disappearing and i have no clue why almost half of all my liked songs were gone and i had to go back and find all of them and alot of them are still disappearing
Soundcloud knows this and they aren't going to fix the issue. My best advice is to back up your songs or to find a better music app because soundcloud doesn't care lol. If you do your research people have been complaining about this since two years ago and nothing has changed. Protect your music!