Tracks are placed above, not below the playlist

  • 19 March 2017
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I have many playlists in my profile. Normally the individual tracks are shown directly after the playlist. In one case though (see link below), they are placed above, in reverse order, which creates a confusion. Is this some kind of anomaly?
Thank you.

8 replies

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looks normal to me. In your main profile page I see a playlist and individual tracks below them. I think they are shown in order of creation.
in your set America_Dream I see a normal order.
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I'm not talking about the playlist per se. Look at my main page. First you'll see the playlist "Antony Neilson" followed by the numbered individual tracks. After the fifth one ("Finale")the next playlist should appear. Instead, I am getting its numbered individual tracks in reverse order, starting with the track "This property is condemned", and AFTER these comes the playlist. I want the playlist to appear BEFORE the individual tracks, as in all other case in my main page.
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Please I need help. This reverse playlist/track order makes my page very confusing!
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Hi there,

The all tab will show your tracks & playlists in the order in which they were created. This is not something you can change unfortunately. However, other users can just click on your "Playlists" tab to only see the playlists, or the "Tracks" tab to only see either one. This is what I typically do when I'm interested in another artists public profile. :-)

All the best
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Still, aren't the individual tracks of a playlist supposed to be displayed after and not before the relevant playlist?
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Seriously, this is my only playlist to exhibit this behaviour and it makes the main viewer pretty confusing.
I would happily pay in order to be able to fix the order of the songs.
Please SoundCloud, make this a paid option and I (and others!) would happily switch to pro!
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So, I was forced to delete playlist and tracks are re-upload them (loosing the view count in the process).
My suggestion still stands: Why not be able to rearrange tracks?