Tracks Mysteriously Deleted

  • 7 December 2016
  • 2 replies

Hello, I had two full playlists featuring our bands EPs uploaded a long time ago. Now the playlists seem to be empty.

Any advice?

2 replies

I'm kinda having the same problem. There are two audios that I had saved to a playlist of mine a long time ago, but it somehow disappeared. I'm hoping you can bring these two back up.

[UNDERTAIL/NSFW] Experiments

There's also a glitch whereas these audios are still on my tablet, but disappeared on the normal soundcloud site. Please help.
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Hi there,

Looks like no one has had the change to get back about this.

Hmm - @cycles, you should be able to see your playlists / sets just fine actually. All good for you?

@Leiya18 - I don't see any uploads on your account, and neither any deleted tracks. If you're referring to tracks from other users, your issue is actually different.