Transferring from Sound cloud back to Garage Band with new Ipad

  • 18 January 2017
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My son has got a new Ipad and had many songs he's written on his old Ipad through Garage Band so I managed to save his music into Sound Cloud but he wants it back into garage Band to do more editing. With Garage Band it's just an app (no login or account) so what ever music you make you loose it on the Garage Band app when you get a new Ipad.

So yeah basically we want to put his music back into Garage Band. I've tried to go through ITunes but Sound Cloud doesn't appear on the apps list.

Can someone help a mother who's child is devastated he has to start again with his music???

Thanks in advance


4 replies

You can enable downloads by editing your tracks on Soundcloud so that you can save to your hard drive. Then import the audio to Garageband.

See GarageBand for Mac: Import audio and MIDI files --->
Thanks Chris will give this a go...appreciate your help, Kylie.
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Hi Kylie,

Please note that the songs on SoundCloud are audio files (.mp3, .wav, for example). Often, when you create a new song in Garageband, your projects will have multiple tracks (Drums, Piano, Vocals, etc., for instance) - this information is in the GarageBand project file, not in the audio file that is uploaded to SoundCloud, so editing individual elements might not be possible after all.

All the best
Hey Perry, if you want your garageband songs back you can check if the icloud account is the same and if you uploaded songs on icloud (something i reccommend for any song you like) then you should see songs with a green arrow to download them. Or at least, if this does not affect your actual ipad configuration, backup from the previous ipad.