Trying to interact with users that has liked/shared without getting banned!

  • 9 November 2015
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I have been putting compilation mixes together for a little over 2 years. Recently something happened and it all exploded. I have been receiving likes and seen reposts almost every 30-60 min on daily basis. Very appreciated to see this after so much hard work to find good music.
However. I have seen that listeners have found older compilations. Is it ok, to send a thanks for liking/sharing the compilation mix - with the latest Soundcloud compilation mix attached to make them aware that there is near to 100 mixes on my page?
Do I risk getting banned for sending something like mentioned above to those that has interact with me/my account by liking/sharing the mix? I have never contacted anyone that hasn't interacted with my account first.
I want to do right. I get highly motivated to do more good work so i don't want to do wrong by anyone.

Thanks in advance.

2 replies

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Hi there,

As explained in this post, getting in contact with your fans is awesome however make sure you are not crossing the line over to spammy behaviour. Make your comments genuine, varied and space out your communication then you should be fine. :)

I logged in this morning and saw that more and more users had liked the compilation mix. I sent a thank you message to the following in the screenshot and got flagged.
I do respect and understand the spam issues you guys must deal with. I just hope I find a balance so I don't get banned after 2+ years of work to setup a account where I could spread good music.
I copy pasted a short message where I edited each users name to make it private and genuine. I guess I need to write totally different messages everytime to avoid being flagged. Would that help?
I usually like to respond immediately after getting the like/share. Guess this way is the wrong way.
Could you recommend something that helps me get users to read description, browse other mixes or press the follow button. I seem to be getting tons of likes and reposts. Somehow the users don't seem to know there are more where it came from. :)
Thanks in advance.

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