Unable to add tracks to an existing playlist

  • 28 June 2017
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Hi there,

I'm just trying to add new tracks I've uploaded into my one and only playlist. I searched through all of the Web browser options and found nothing. The only thing that it brings up is to add the track into a new playlist. Any help? The video they show on the help center just show different options than what I get on my Web....

The playlist I try to add to:

This is a video of what I see:

This is the help center page that show different features for choosing an existing playlist (which is no where to be found on my version):

I'm using chrome, AdBlock is disabled on soundcloud domain. I tested also in Incognito mode and all of the missing features (existing playlists) are still missing.



7 replies

Not working on Firefox either. What the hell?
I found the bug in Soundcloud! (And hope someone will see it since I found to way to contact them even though I'm a paying customer)

TL;DR: If the first and only playlist on your account was created as files are being uploaded, it will not count as an existing playlist you can add to.

My only playlist was a playlist that was created as I was uploading songs. It showed no where on the UI, I had no "Playlists" under the dropdown menu and so on.

When I created the first Playlist manually when I press "Add track to playlist" both playlists started to show (even though they had the same name) and all things started to work as normal.
I take it back. Once I created the new playlist everything was working. Once I refreshed the browser, soundcloud was acting again like I have no playlists.

Unfortunately I found it impossible to find the proper way to contact soundcloud, and I have the general feel that their customer support is very very poor, even though I'm a paying customer :(

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Hi shorashim center,

Thanks for sharing your findings here on the Help Community. Please see here for an overview of our support resources, and how to get in touch with the Support team.

Reload the page with Shift pressed finally resolved it for me. 🙄
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Hey there,

Our engineers have now been able to locate the root cause of this issue and have put a fix for this into place. It should now be possible to add tracks to your playlists again, and tracks that were in your playlists before should no longer disappear. Unfortunately, it was not possible to restore any tracks that have disappeared from a playlist due to this incident.

Our sincere apologies about the inconvenience and thank you for hanging in there.

All the best
I am unable to add songs to a playlist which I recently created. There is no option to add to the playlist, just to create a new one. Help?? This is the first time Soundcloud has done this to me. 😑

Edit: I managed to get it to work. I had to create another playlist to be able to add songs to the original playlist.