Uploaded tracks not showing up on my profile

  • 28 July 2015
  • 2 replies

July 23rd, 5 days ago I uploaded 9 new tracks to my soundcloud page and only the first one is showing up on my profile. These were all part of a project that I made a playlist, and they show up if you click the "tracks" or "playlists" tab. But this is an issue because I want to make it easy as possible for people to listen. Several people have told me they can't find it. Thankfully I have Soundcloud Pro so I can out it in the spotlight and it shows up. But I need this resolved ASAP so all the songs show up on my main page.

2 replies

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Hi Tedy,

Are these still not showing up for you? Can you please list out the track titles for me?

no they are still not showing up.

The first intro song is the only one that shows up

the ones that don't appear

"Turbo Diesel"
"City Limits"
Moon Walking"
"Southside Interlude"
"Fuck 'Em"
"Any Minute Now"

these were all uploaded on the same day & only show up on the "MAD ILLUSIONS" playlist.