Viewing and Playing a Playlist on the Mobile App

  • 14 May 2015
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Recently I have created a Playlist from my computer to play on my phone while I am driving in the car, however there seems to be a problem. I cannot view or play songs from the playlist on the mobile app. I attempted to add all the songs to my likes, but it turns out that since I am rapidly liking a bunch of songs this violates the "Spam Policy" and then I get my ability to like songs turned off. I am looking for any help, tips, or advice I can get, thank you.

3 replies

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Hi there Vanessa,

Hmm, let's see - first things first, I understand your mobile app shows the playlist, however not the new tracks you've added to it via your computer, correct?

If so, can you try doing a hard refresh - pulling down on your Collection page until you see a spinning wheel - and see if your playlists show?

If this doesn't help, go ahead and try reinstalling the app and logging out and back in again.

Let me know how it goes!

Apart from that, I'll try and clear up any confusion about the blocks. You did not hit a limit for liking too many tracks, but instead for re-liking the same tracks too often. We have implemented a limit in response to the community's request to curb behavior where an account likes, unlikes and then re-likes the same track(s) or playlist(s) again in a short period of time. If you were not aware that this was happening when liking tracks on your account, do let us know. The next time it happens get in touch with us and we can investigate further.

Based on this feedback from our users, who said it was causing annoyance and confusion, we have put limits in place to restrict this behavior. Your account has been blocked from liking for this reason. As we wish to prevent this activity in the future, if you run in to this limit repeatedly, each block you receive will increase in length.

These limits are in place to address community complaints about accounts overusing, or using features in a way other than as they were intended. We hope you can appreciate why we felt it necessary to put these limits in place.

Hope this helps!

I'm having the same problem.
The refresh worked. Thanks.