What kind of parties does soundcloud staff go to?

As of recent I have been looking to discover new songs to play during parties/over summer and I'm kinda pissed. Actually no, now I am pretty close to the maximum amount of pissed that one can reach before taking out their frustration in a horrific way.
Don't get me wrong, I love Soundcloud and what it has done to the music community. And yeah, usually it does a pretty good job of introducing you to new music thats close to what you're looking for; however, after searching the "Party Tracks" section on the home page, I am just mystified with what kind of trash is on there, specifically with Electronic/EDM/non rap choice.
Yeah the rap stations are ok (basically what you would expect), I am just currently looking to find songs/mashups to blare over the speakers when everyone is trashed and just trying to jump to some bass, which you think a page described as "Bangers, bops, and slappers..." would satisfy. But no. To be fair, I completely overlooked the indie stations (I would swiftly exit any event in which indie music was "banging" over the speakers), and thought maybe "New Dance Now" would have some music worth sifting through. And boy was I shocked.
I strongly encourage whichever staff is responsible for this atrocity to please take off work for Friday of next week. Rather than working, said individual(s) should dedicate their morning to resting up for a hot start to the weekend, and plan a party. Go all out. Get snacks, stock up on refreshments, set up some decorations, call your friends, knock on your neighbors' doors and let 'em know that a storms a brewin', and that it's hitting your place that night. When your guests arrive, some will likely begin to compliment you on the cleanliness of the place, and how they are excited for the festivities to ensue. Everyone starts having a great time: drinks are being emptied as fast as they are being filled, and people are starting to get loosey-goosey. Once enough drank has been drunk, there will be no other option then to supply the inebriates with musical stimuli that demands their melodic movement. But here's the catch: you can only play songs off of the "New Dance Now" station. What song are you gonna go with?? Turn it around (Ruede Hagelstein's Rise Again Remix)? Or how about Maxinne-Something In Our Life? Seriously, I feel bad for the artists for giving their work a shade of hate, BUT IF YOU PLAY THAT ISH IN THAT SETTING YOU WILL RECEIVE DEATH THREATS. So yeah, enjoy the glares directed your way at your almost successful Friday night get-together... and please, for the sake of all that is happy and innocent, please do something about that horrifically mislabeled "Party Tracks" section.
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