Why can't I listen to my likes in the order I liked them? It's backwards ..

  • 8 April 2016
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I liked music I found to listen to it again. But when I play my likes, then it plays the songs in the opposite direction. Why is this? I want to hear the songs in the direction I liked them. Like 1. song first, then 2., then 3. and so on . . .

Not 3. song first then 2. then 1.

Why is this? Is there a way to put it to normal play direction?

It's like..
Imagine you'd be able to only hear your favorite music album's tracklist BACKWARDS.
With the outro first and the intro last.
This is totally annoying pls tell me there is a way to play songs the direction I liked them !!!

everything else is supersuper, but this, really illogical...

2 replies

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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. Your most recent likes are added to the top of your likes list, just like new uploads from users are added to the top of their public profile to make sure the freshest content shows up right away.

I can understand your point though, so I'd recommend you to use a playlist if you're planning a specific list of tracks (I, for instance, have over 100 likes, so the whole intro / outro idea, i.e. a curated list if you will, doesn't really work for me with the likes. Hence, I have playlists for different genres and moods).

Hope this helps.

We should, at a bare minimum, be able to view our own likes in reverse order.