Why cant I add more tracks to my playlist?

  • 15 December 2016
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Well I checked the main topics in the center and I have a weird problem apparently.
I just opened my soundcloud account and I opened a playlist.. I added 5 tracks by selecting the add to playlist button beneath the track, it opens a pop-up box with 2 folder: Add to playlist and the second one Create a playlist.. Now I selected the Add to playlist one and added the track to my public playlist and it all seemed to be fine, but then when Im pressing the add to playlist bottom it only gives me the create a playlist folder when the pop-up box shows and I can only create new playlists and not adding tracks to current playlist..
Now I paused my ad-block because it seems to be the problem after reading a bit over the internet and it still doesn't working.
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3 replies

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Hi there Lior,

I hope you were able to sort this one out in the meantime. I've heard from other users that browser extensions such as Adblock or HTTPS Everywhere could cause this issue.

Let the community know if you were able to fix this issue, and how :-)

I had this issue using the Chrome Browser on Windows 7 but when I logged into the account on Firefox problem solved.
Same issue : I cannot add tracks to an existing playlist.
Problem started few months ago:
- first I was able to add to only one out of my 3 public playlists
- then since 2-3 weeks, I cannot add to any of my playlists as none are showing up in the "add to playlist" screen.

I am using iphone and ipad app.

I can see on other forum that lots of users have the same issue....

Soundcloud, I hope it is not the beginning of less functions for the free Souncloud due to your new Soundcloud Pro :(
It would not be fair with all of us having made the success pf soundcloud !

can you help ?