why does my music keep unsaving from offline listening

  • 14 December 2017
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It says preparing download and saves it for offline but in about two hours it will all be unsaved again and I have to repeat this process all the time. When I press save offline it doesn’t actually say I’ve pressed it. Please help me I’m getting seriously frustrated with soundcloud but I need all my songs

7 replies

This keeps happening to me too! Over the past week! I’ve had to resave and resave it’s so annoying! Paying to be able to listen offline and then when I want to listen to it it’s not saved
Happens to me too...not worth paying for offline listening when there’s no offline listening 😠
I’ve had the same issue! It happens to me about 3 times a week now... seen a lot of complaints about this but no clear reason why or resolution
same here
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Hi there everyone,

Sorry about the troubles with this. Our engineers have confirmed that there was an issue with downloaded content not always saving for some users. This issue is fixed in the most current version of iOS. If you haven't yet, please be sure to update the app and you should be all ready and set to go. :)

Okay what about android with same problems

This problem keeps hapening with me over last week