why does my track say "Not available in your country"

  • 8 May 2017
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I uploaded several of my original songs to soundcloud and for some reason one of them says "Not available in your country"

*track is public
*I don't have Geoblocking on
*downloading is enabled
* all permissions checkbox's have been checked

I have embedded the player to my personal website the song is called "clap back"
does anyone know how to make the song available?

6 replies

I wish I could have that answer too. I have uploaded some songs and then they are not available in a different country. Does anybody else know the reason? Thanks!
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Hi there,

Sorry about the confusion with this. Please see here for more info:
yes I have the same problem too. I am traveling and I uploaded the soundtracks I created, it stated that its not available in my own country.
I didn't know they have this problem. I linked up my own webpage with soundcloud, now I need to put my files in some other platform - just in case others won't be able to access to the tracks in my webpage.
Hi there,

Sorry about the confusion with this. Please see here for more info:


How does this help when the tracks are 100% owned by me? I have licensed my tracks under a permissive license but I'm getting "unavailable in your country" regardless.
I have managed to resolve my issue. SoundCloud, in fact, displays the wrong error message.

I'm on Firefox on Linux and didn't have the required audio codec installed to play the music. Instead of showing "could not play track" it showed a "Not available in " message. I'm thinking this needs to be fixed on SoundCloud's side.
same issue here, what a shame when this happens for a service we pay for.
any help ?