Why does shuffle not randomly shuffle songs in web browser?

  • 22 September 2017
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32 replies

Experiencing same behaviour:

Soundcloud only shuffles loaded songs from my likes.

Expected Behaviour:
Soundcloud should suffle my entire library of liked songs.

Thanks guys 🙂
Still happening. btw why there is not a "shuffle all" button for playlists like in mobile? Always have to play the first song and then shuffle it, kind of annoying.
It's time for the soundcloud team to make an actually decent music player.
C'mon soundcloud, no movement, acknowledgement or feedback from you regarding this issue? This should take one developer no more than a day to fix.

I legit would buy a subscription if this was fixed, it's literally the only reason I've not done so yet, everything else is great...but this poor excuse for a shuffle.

Hey all, I found away to make the shuffle button "work". Before hitting the shuffle button, go into your playlist and play the first song. Then hit the "next up" button (button farthest to the right, next to the heart)and scroll all the way down to your last song, you can then hit shuffle and blam-o all your music is shuffled. The only problem with this method is that you will always here your first song first. It can easily be remedied by moving its position in the "next up" tab, double clicking shuffle and then selecting the new 1st song in your next up tab. Not exactly an elegant solution but hey it works. I'm still having this issue so I'm assuming y'all are having it to, have fun shuffling your playlists :)So this did work, Thanks! But it's still sad how 11 months later there has been no visible progress.
There is no really other solution. So I'm working on a script that will add a button that do all this stuff automatically for me.

>> Hi
Did you managed to develop it ?
Why isnt that fixed now? Waiting way too long for this to come true. Not really a sign of competence and care if these threads seemingly are ignored without any response! At least admit that you had no time or whatever.
With all these bugs in your current player I fear you guys just have a really poor coding which makes "easy fixes" like this shuffle problem bigger than necessary...

EDIT: if the day shoud ever come and this is presistently fix, let me know. i then might consider GO+
Wow, there is no shuffle on embedded soundcloud html player! So what is the point to have a player then? I have over two and a half thousand tracks and would consider enrolling in pro to have them playing online on my website. What a thumbs down for soundcloud regarding priorities !!!
Still not working what are your devs doing?